Monday, 6 June 2011

Modelling - Mixing it up colourwise

Ava recently had her first ever modelling job for Dessert Please who do the most delicious ruffled nappy covers in different dessert themes. She was dummy dependent most of the time, but the photographer managed to get some fantastic shots.
Free for non-commercial use.

I have found now I have a daughter I tend to overload the pink in her pages, so my challenge for this page was to make it pretty and girly, but have NO pink.

Keeping in theme with the dessert themed nappy cover she's wearing I went for a chocolate look and accented it with green rather than pinks and pinky purples like I wanted to.

I have included a link to a FREE download of the chocolate hearts.

Do you have to push yourself out of your usual style when digital scrapbooking to keep your books looking fresh?


  1. I prefer consistency, with only a tiny amount of relevant variation.

  2. hey now, I don't think you should force difference. if you like a lot of pink, just smear that stuff on. :D

  3. Thanks! gonna follow yo u :)