Monday, 6 June 2011

Rockpools - Playing with Masks

Soren loves the water and Southport Rockpools are a short drive from our home so we try to make it down there as often as possible, he especially loves the cat fish and will climb on their backs to get a ride. We're so lucky to have such an awesome toddlers pool near us.

Free for non-commercial use.

I have recently been playing with masks I've created from brushes, text and embellishments. Interesting shaped embellishments have been blacked out and turned into shape masks, I've then added text and different brushes to the image to mix it up.
Above is the final result of my most recent experiment with masks and I've included a link to a free download of the grated star embellishment that became a part of my mask, I'd love to see what you can do with it.


  1. i like this. im gonna follow you from now on

  2. welcome to blogging, please enjoy your fly

  3. Masking looks good, definitely something I need to touch up on myself

  4. neat blog mmmm

  5. Haha that source image is really neat.